I started woodturning about 17 years ago (although I'd been thinking about it a lot longer).
I served an apprenticeship in engineering, which sparked my interest in turning.

I bought my first lathe, which was a Coronet "The Major", from a friend of mine, Allan Batty.
Along with the lathe came numerous lessons from Allan himself (the start of another apprenticeship).
I now have a Vicmarc VL300, which allows me to tackle bigger projects, and make bigger firewood.

At the time I was starting out, we had to cut a dead sycamore tree down, so a lot of my early pieces (and firewood), were sycamore.
I also collect any fallen or felled wood, which I always turn just to see whats under all the fungus and rotten stuff.
I was given an old branch of beech, which turned out to have some fantastic spalting (some examples in the galleries).

My pieces range from bowls to balls, platters to pens or clocks to chalices.
I will have a go at anything, so commissions are most welcome.
If you want more info on any of the pieces, please email me

So have a look through my Galleries and if any thing takes your fancy, send me an email, and I can either make it, or it may be in stock.
Because no two pieces of wood are the same, variations will occur in the images you see on the web, which will make your piece unique.

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